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A studio,
a pastry chef,
baking lessons!

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Simple, cool, thoughtful

How did you come to pastry?

After 15 years of interior design, 6 years in the world of wine, pastry chef in hand, pastry has imposed itself less naturally. It is at the crossroads of wine and architecture: taste, rigor, design, technique and aesthetics are essential.

What is your vision of pastry?

A classic pastry:I can enjoy my mum's caramelized apple cake, a Paris-Brest or even a mille-feuille, an Opéra,... I like everything! All the standards of French pastry suit me well. When it's done well, it's like wine, it tastes good! Whether it's a chocolate mousse or a more technically complex pastry.

A raw pastry:I'm not a fan of glucose, xanthan gum, anything you can't find in the local grocery store,  mirror glaze which doesn't add much to the tasting, food colorings,...


Pastry chef in Nice

A refined pastry:which leaves room for the ingredients. I have a real passion for hazelnuts (I eat them every day like chocolate, by the way). I didn't say praline, I said hazelnut. In a Trianon, I don't put praline, the chocolate is already sweet. It's like a coffee, my espresso, it's without sugar. Why add more sugar? I roast the hazelnuts to extract the aromas and I mix. That's all! A treat with chocolate and homemade crisp.


An addictive pastry:when people come back to my cakes, my mission is accomplished. That's what makes me happy! This taste of coming back. That's what pushes me to always improve the taste.

A balanced pastry:reduced in sugar as soon as I can. Not too much anyway, because sugar, like salt, is a flavor enhancer.

Why did you call your pastry class studio Du Goût et Des Autres?

Because I love everything that revolves around taste and in my family, everything has always happened at the table. Usability is very important to me. It's a way of life.

What do you like in baking?

Turning lead into gold: it's amazing what a simple combination of ingredients can give!

Why choose to give pastry lessons?

I like to teach, I am a good pedagogue, I dissect things well, I am curiously patient during class (my son will tell you that this is not always the case!)

I like to improve the courses so that people have the best possible experience. And that they leave with their creations to delight their loved ones.

What is your favorite pastry?

I don't have a favorite pastry. It depends on the desire. The weather outside, the season, if the main course was heavy or not,... It's like wine, I'll take more white in summer than in winter, if it's gray outside , I won't take the same wine as if the weather is nice,... In fact, if you ask me what I don't like, I have no answer.answer to give you.

Finally, where can we take pastry lessons with you?

In a private apartment, a studio in the heart of Cimiez, in Nice (Centre)

The workshop

cours de pâtisserie à Nice, techniques des chefs pâtissiers, pâtisserie française, ateliers privés de cuisine 

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