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Classes are taught in French.

For English lessons, take a private workshop

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Baking classes in Nice, in the south of france
An original indoor activity idea!

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Why you should take a baking class in Nice at “Du Goût et des Autres”
  • Cooking lessons in small groups: 6 people maximum

  • A apartment equipped like at home: you will make the recipes at home for sure

  • A simple, artisanal and less sweet pastry:  you will create pastries with ingredients you already have at home; without additives or preservatives, homemade and lighter

  • Real boutique desserts that you will be proud of!

  • Manufacturing from A to Z; I guide you through the course, step by step, and you fully realize your cake.

  • The techniques learned during a course will also be used to make other pastries.

  • The hands in the pockets !Everything is included: ingredients, utensils, apron and cake box just like in the shop!

Which easy recipes to choose for baking classes and workshops? 

As a beginner, you can choose from all our recipes for desserts, cakes, pastries. The simplest recipes are desserts in general like trianon, strawberries, …

Do you offer pastry classes for teens in Nice? 

Yes of course, at that age, they are really capable of making beautiful and good pastries.

Do you offer vocational retraining courses for adults? 

For the moment, I offer private tailor-made pastry and viennoiserie lessons, which are open to all levels.

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